Mustardseed Realms publishing

Works in Progress

Series 1

Four books including a prequel. Epic Fantasy Series.

Book 1 - Return of the Lost Ones - Released!
Percent completed 100%
Prequel: Exile's Hope - Released!
Percent completed 100%
Book 2: Third Draft
Percent completed 25%
Book 3: Second Draft Completed
Percent completed 100%

Series 2

Two books focusing on an unlikely hero.

Book 1: Draft 2 completed
Percent completed 100%
Book 2: Draft 1 scheduled for Q2 24
Percent completed 0%

Planned Projects

Multiple series comprising an entire saga

Series 3
Series 4
Series 5

Writing Process

A brief overview of the steps taken to produce a novel at Mustardseed Realms

I throw paint on a page and have a blast sub-creating…it’s not very good to start, but you have to start somewhere. The second draft immediately follows the first to address glaring continuity errors and plot holes.

I will leave the manuscript alone for a few months, and when I return, I approach with a fresh perspective to correct big picture items like plot and characters. Then I send it off to the developmental editor!

I have an amazing professional developmental editor, and the 4th draft addresses dev edit input with final big picture edits.  The 5th draft addresses language, tone, diction, and dialogue, before I ship it off for the line edit.

Again, I have an awesome line editor and when I receive back the manuscript, I make corrections regarding language and tie up loose ends. Then, the manuscript is sent to beta readers!

This is one of the most important phases where I get broader audience feedback from a wide range of the audience and then I have to choose what to keep and what to file away. This is a fun and challenging part of the process involving so many people, but the results are always worth it. Once edits are completed, I move on to a proofreader and ensure every single error is fixed…every…single…eror. 

After finalizing the cover and marketing necessities, the goal will be to publish in late 2023 with at least one book out every six months. I’m not perfect, but the process permits me to learn and produce high quality content with each title. Thanks for reading, and now maybe you want to go write your own book!


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