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The simple answer: I’m a troublemaker.

I could provide you with a long backstory on how I grew up reading fantasy as an escape from my wonderfully dysfunctional family. I would list off authors and explain how I imagined running through forests with the protagonists fighting evil and saving the day. That kid still lives in my heart, and I’m writing for him because someone has to take care of that kid.

Yet, I had written so many times, and my heart wasn’t into it. I wanted to make that kid happy, but over time and through many hardships, I grew. Within that growth, I expected more from myself.

That doesn’t mean I relegate fantasy to kids. My desire to write had developed into a new depth and meaning that eclipsed the previous superficial attempts. Unfortunately, while I had found purpose, depth, and meaning for my writing, I allowed bad habits to hinder my efforts. I played video games and had many diversions that revolved mostly around electronics. It not only ate away at my dreams, but my distractions ate away at my family as well.

By the grace of God, I overcame those distractions and plowed into world-building my current writing projects. I spent months world-building, and I had a blast. I wrote the first part of my future trilogy, but after ⅓ of the book had been written, I realized how much I wanted to write the backstory. I had fun writing the trilogy, but I knew there was so much to learn about the craft of writing.

I also wanted to develop more of the characters and their stories leading up to the trilogy. I’m having a blast. I’m fulfilling a lifelong dream, and I can schedule my time around my family and my work. I’m a better example to my kids who write their own “stories.” My wife tolerates me writing a lot better than playing video games as well.

I still have much to learn, but writing keeps me out of trouble and gives me purpose, goals, and appropriate leisure. Thanks for joining me on the journey. Please ask questions and let me know if there is any topic you’d like me to address in the future.


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