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What’s in store for 2024?

With the project launch ending this winter, Mustardseed Realms looks to have a packed new year. I’ve spent the last three weeks reorienting myself back to a balanced lifestyle.   2024 will still provide numerous products, but we will have a better focus using last year’s experience.

The core of 2024 production will be the stories, specifically the books. The project will grow naturally from these stories, but each product line will have its own future. 

Publishing Plans:

February: Exile’s Hope release. (85K origin story on Gossama – the events take place before Return of the Lost Ones)

Summer (thinking June/July): Book 3, which is the continuation of Stefan and Pol’s BlueSteel series.

Fall (thinking early November): Book 4, the origin story for Cleric Joern.

These are the bones of production. Everything else will revolve around these stories. I would like four books to be released in 2024, but I will plan for three and see how the year goes. These books are already written and are in various stages of editing, (except for Exile’s Hope – I’m getting that title set up for release .)

I will continue writing short stories that connect and augment the Teresan Saga. These stories will be free and only available to those who sign up for the newsletter.

Web3 Plans:

Originally, we had plans to create a digital collection for each book, and while that’s easy to do, we don’t know if it’s the best course of action for the project. The Vroshen Hero Collection makes sense as it unifies the Teresan Saga with the Mariad Storyline. We still want each collection to point to something larger, just like the stories, but we won’t be creating a collection with each novel published.  Instead, just like the books, the digital collections will reflect the storylines in the their own unique way.  

(TLDR: digital collectibles tell stories differently than books, and I need to treat them as a separate medium, not just an adjunct.) 

Souce has already started artwork on the next collection, and we’ll be revealing that in the future.


Again, originally, we had plans to create a small video game for each story, but I learned how challenging creating one game was. The gaming aspect was super fun, and I’m very glad I did this, but it taught me a lot.

Just like creating the digital collectibles, I learned that the video game is a separate medium of story-telling and should have it’s own timeline. More details to come.

Content Creation:

The podcast was fun and entertaining, and I may continue releasing episodes, but it will be minimal because podcast episodes require a lot of work and took me away from writing the books.

I will spend the majority of my marketing time on this newsletter. It’s fun, and very productive. We have consistent reading on KU and reviews from the newsletter.

Social Media: 

I feel obliged to continue posting content on a regular basis as much  of the audience was acquired through social media (TikTok, IG, FB, and X). 

In the end, we have a more streamlined focus for 2024, and I look forward to being more consistent with content creation.

TLDR: more content creation – focusing on books and newsletters.


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