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Initial sketch for a monster in my first book – to be released in Q4 -23 or Q1- 24

Glad to have you reading this! I’ve held off posting for some time as I’ve been working very hard over the last year or more. Mustardseed Realms has grown and really embraced the biblical concept of starting with the smallest of seeds and through faith growing into the largest of bushes.

Mustardseed Realms is now a LLC, and the vision includes separate publishing and entertainment divisions in the near future.

As for the publishing, which will be the core of the company, updates on book progress are available on the WIP page.. Over the last year, the real progress has been the substantial improvement in writing quality, which you may or may not see here depending upon how tired I am when I write. I will do a separate post outlining all the plans for the proposed publishing schedule.

The entertainment division has grand plans, but they are just plans for now. The first item has been game development using Unreal Engine for a simple video game. The second concurrent agenda will be a digital collectible release which will tie all of the products together. Again, I will outline the process and the vision in a series of separate posts.

The brand focus is to provide epic experiences through stories, and I want to underpromise and overdeliver, but the real goal is to do what I say I’m going to do.

Please continue to be patient as the website is still under maintenance, but you’ll see some changes over the next few weeks as we prepare for the full social media launch of the company.

Thanks for everything and for following. It’s very important that you sign up for the newsletter to get the latest up to date information.

More posts and other fun stuff to come!


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