Mustardseed Realms presents

Return of the Lost Ones

Book 1: BlueSteel Series

Choose your destiny...

Two young men, two legendary families – one infamous, one noble.

Born to a line of blessed heroes, Pol strives to reclaim his family’s honor, while Stefan faces a crossroads that could lead to ruin or redemption.

Together, they must unite against a mysterious enemy to save a village from the grip of darkness and creatures of myth.
Will they accept the challenge or be consumed by the past that haunts them?

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When you have nothing to lose...

Descended from reknowned families, one infamous and the other noble, two young men make serparate choices that change their lives forever.

Hailing from a blessed line of heroes, Pol dreams of fulfilling his ancestor’s legacy. Stefan, the fifth son of a Quon and a cutthroat entrepreneur, is fighting to make a name for himself.

Unbeknownst to them, their fates collide,  taking them to a simple village, Gaodis.

Before they even arrive, an evil has infiltrated the country and families are abducted while monsters of legend roam the nearby forest.  

Pol and Stefan must work together if they are to save the villagers.

But, can Pol rise above his fear and prejudices?

At the crossroads of destiny, what will Stefan choose: disobey his father and return to the degenerate life he knew, embrace his father’s will, or enter a forbidden path he finds in the village and nearby forest. 

Neraida, fey, magic (mandra) users, and mentors help shape their journey as Stefan and Pol navigate choices which will shape their destiny forever.

Enter the origin story of Pol and Stefan in Book 1 of the BlueSteel Series & Book 1 of the Teresan Saga.

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