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Huge day for Mustardseed Realms! 

Today we launch the ebook on Amazon for free. 

The goal is to get the book into as many reader’s hands as possible.

I hope that people enjoy the story of Stefan and Pol. I hope they enjoy meeting the other fun characters as well. 

This is the whole point: I want people to enjoy the story! That’s what makes the whole thing fun for me and encourages me to continue writing. 

The funding for more books is important but will come in time. First people need to discover the universe that’s being created. 

Reminder of the free value:

  1. Free ebook today. (Free on Kindle Unlimited after today.)
  2. Free short story when you sign up for the newsletter. (Short story is about Quig’s return to his realm. Read the story first.)
  3. Free video game companion to the book. (Release in two weeks.)
  4. Free digital collectible in early December if you read the book and solved the puzzle. 

The dream: if you’re a kid in the library and you check out the book and read it, you can enter and engage the universe. 

Thanks for being here. This is only the beginning.


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