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 Welcome to Episode #5 of Mustardseed Realms Podcast! 

Warning: This episode goes deep into web3 technology. Please watch Episode 4 to get a basic understanding of blockchain. The first 5 minutes of episode 5 will explain what MSR will do with this technology. This is an episode specifically designed for those who are new to the web3 scene to learn about how NFT’s/digital collectibles can be used, but be prepared for a deep dive into web3 terms and topics. 

Today’s Topic: Unlocking the Utility of NFTs in Web3 with web 3 market expert, Flower83 from Neo Tokyo! 

 Episode Highlights: 

Unique Use Cases for NFTs , Token-Gated Web3 Communities, Incentivisation, Mechanisms in Web3 Spaces, Web3 Gaming & Play-to-Earn Models ,Future of AI & NFTs Undiscovered Utilities of NFTs 

Don’t Miss This Episode If: You’re curious about the evolution of Web3 communities, the untapped potentials of NFTs, or how new technologies like AI are integrating into the digital asset landscape. 

Mustardseed Realms Digital Collectibles: Stay tuned as we lay out the basis for our digital collectibles launch. Connected to the stories, these collectibles are unique, rare, and backed by blockchain technology. More info coming soon! 

👥 Connect with [Flower83]: 

Website: [https://neotokyo.codes/] Twitter: [@Flower83_] 

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