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MSR Publishing Update wherein I interview myself: 

David, tell me more about the books. What are you working on right now?

As you can see from the publishing page, there are a number of books in various stages of production. As of today, I’m preparing the first book for proofreading, having received the beta reader’s comments. (Took me a while because I wanted to finish a book 2 draft post developmental edits.) I will then return to book 2 for another pass to prepare the manuscript for line/copy edits. 

 So what does that mean?

I will have two books ready to publish by the end of the year with more ready to go soon after.

Why don’t you publish sooner if you have multiple titles ready?

I want to show my readers that this is not a one-and-done shop. The audience will receive a glimpse of a larger universe in the first book and receive the second book ready to go a few months later.  My hope is to have the third book ready to publish a few months after the second. With this “rapid release” style, the goal is to develop reader traction and keep producing great stories every 3 – 6 months. 

People want to know what the series is about. We keep hearing epic fantasy, but can you give us a sneak peek or any details?

Hmm. It’s pretty top secret right now…BUT I can tell you that the first two books contain origin stories for heroes and villains and how these characters make choices, overcome obstacles, and deal with the consequences of those choices. (Yes, that’s still vague, but you’ll just have to wait, or join the newsletter…insert evil laugh.)

Why didn’t you go with a traditional publisher? Why self-publish?

I wanted control of the content, cover, marketing, and timeline to suit my needs. Also 5% royalties don’t sound appealing, and if the books don’t become blockbusters in one month after launch, I don’t have to be worried. I just have to follow the plan, improve my craft, and keep producing books.

Your website mentions a city called Mariad with pictures that look futuristic with science fiction themes. How does that relate to the epic fantasy series you’re writing?

Great question. Let’s just say, it’s all tied together and the universe is complex. I hope you’ll stick around long enough to find out more.

Well David, thanks for the appetizer, and we hope to learn more about your work. Until then, stop scrolling on social media and get back to work.

Understood. Thank you for your time and don’t forget to join the newsletter for more stories and in-depth information!


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