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Book 2 of the BlueSteel Series

The developmental editor is destroying the recent manuscript, tearing it down so it can be rebuilt better. I hope to have it back soon.

Joe took all the recommendations I presented from those who sent me emails and messages on Discord, and I’m excited to have him complete the cover soon as well. 

Special thanks to Carmel, Frances, BigPoppaFreeze, Souce, Nocthar, and Dicing for their recent input on the artwork. It really makes a difference.

I’ll jump into the next drafts  when I receive them, but after I finish the first draft of book 5.


In book 2 of the BlueSteel Series, you will meet a character that was frequently mentioned in Return of the Lost Ones. This cleric will have his own duology, a series of two books, which occur on a timeline between stories in the BlueSteel Series. 

This cleric is a pivotal character in the overall 13 books series, and I’ve been patiently waiting to introduce him and his story. I wrote the first book of that duology, and I’m currently on the final book, working through the first draft which takes longer than usual.

Summer Plan:

      1. Take two weeks of vacation. (More on that later.)

      1. Finish Book 5.

      1. Work hard to get the second book of the BlueSteel Series published before summer ends.

    More updates soon. Have a great summer!


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