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MSR Launches on Nov 1st

In one week on November 1st, we will release Return of the Lost Ones!

The print version will release on November 1st and the ebook release will occur on November 15th.  More details to come in the next week leading up to launch.

Let’s start simple with a series of videos that tell the story of the book we’re releasing.

First the title: Who are the lost ones? On the surface, they are the monsters that have returned to Miraden Forest, but the title also reflects the lost souls who are making choices that affect their life and the realm.

Next we have the description which speaks for itself:

One morning, two choices.

Descended from renowned families, one infamous and the other noble, two young men choose different paths that unexpectedly change their lives. In the aftermath, their fates collide, taking them to a simple village under attack from a mysterious assailant. When families are abducted and monsters of legend roam the nearby forest, Pol and Stefan must work together if they are to save the villagers.

Hailing from a blessed line of heroes, Pol fights to restore honor to his family but must first conquer his own prejudices. Stefan, the fifth son of a Quon and a cutthroat entrepreneur, loses everything and must choose among three paths: disobey his father and return to the degenerate life he knew, embrace his father’s will, or enter a forbidden path he finds in the village and nearby forest.

Enter the origin story of Pol and Stefan in Book 1 of the BlueSteel Series & Book 1 of the Teresan Saga.


Finally we have the cover reveal:

More to come, but this will catch up many who haven’t subscribed to the newsletter.

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