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Time for some updates! 

I just finished a brutal stretch in my IRL work. I am my own angel investor, lol. I have a week off, and I spent the last two days knocking out a ton of stuff at home and ensuring I keep my priorities → God, Frances, family, job, volunteer/Church work, and then Mustardseed Realms.

Since I’ve been doing well maintaining priorities, I have been making awesome progress with book 3. I’m currently working on the first draft of a Geraul subplot for book 3. The main storyline will cover Stefan and Pol like Return of the Lost Ones, but I’ll be adding Geraul and Granite subplots. There will be a minimum of four POV’s at this time, and I’ve written about 70K of the main storyline and completed the third draft. I realized that I wanted the subplots to help flesh out the character arcs for Geraul and Granite. 

Geraul is such a complex character who, like Stefan, made a mistake but did not have the circle of friends and support that Stefan had. Granite’s character, like Gossama, had depth, but I’m realizing how much growth he needs before this particular series ends. I don’t believe Granite needs his own book like Gossama did, but he will get some attention in the next book.

I’m hoping to have the book ready for release this summer, and I believe it’s a realistic goal.

I just released a fun newsletter today that I will post to social media soon. I won’t keep doing that as I want to reward those who subscribe to the newsletter, but Quig makes an appearance, and he’s always fun to write.

As for gaming and web3, I’m keeping plans and current work under top-secret clearance, but when it’s time to reveal info, I will be sure to include it in the updates.

Development on marketing occurs daily as I generate content to be used around and during releases.

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