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Many writers are complaining about artificial intelligence’s influence on content generation. With the ability to generate stories, posts, and tons of content quickly and efficiently, social media is awash with comments lamenting how writers, and other content creators, won’t compete or survive. 

It’s simple. Do better. 

While AI-generated content can be efficient, and even useful, it often lacks the emotional depth, nuance, and creativity that a human author can bring to their work. This is why human authors need to create better quality stories and content to outperform AI and the banal or lackluster work it generates.

Excellent character development is one key ingredient that can lift a story above the river of junk auto generated by AI. Characters are the heart and soul of any story, and readers are more likely to engage with a story that has well-developed characters they can connect with on an emotional level. When creating characters, authors should aim to create characters that are relatable, complex, and unique without neglecting to develop distinct voices, motivations, and desires.

Don’t forget to keep a focus on plot and pacing. While AI-generators can create a plot, the resulting story can lack the intricacy and complexity which human authors can develop. Engaging, unique, and unpredictable plots grip the reader and wrestle them into the story, but pacing is also important to ensure the story progresses in a way that engages the reader without feeling rushed.

Besides character development and plot, indie authors should also pay attention to the overall quality of their writing. Sentence structure, grammar, and word choice must be on-point as artificial intelligence will make few grammar mistakes but may miss more obvious errors and mishandle colloquialisms. Writers can bring an individual nuance to the writing that will stand out amidst the generic prose AI spits out. Authors could master writing that is not only technically correct but also engaging and emotionally resonant.

Finally, the theme and message are two important ingredients that artificial intelligence may underdevelop.  Deeper meanings or messages layered throughout a story or series creates a well-rounded piece which can draw upon complex human experience and emotion. This depth will draw readers into the story and brand, creating fans while also educating and inspiring their readers.

The bottom line: write well and don’t just follow the crowd because “the crowd” is changing and becoming a sea of superficial junk. Throughout the last few centuries, technological advances often generated more, but not necessarily better, products. The true super-star human authors who rise to the top are the ones with insane imaginations who can articulate their dreams well and take the time to hone their craft. As you can see, I’m still working on it, but I’m not scared of AI.

Disclaimer: I don’t use AI at this time for my novels, but I have used chatGPT to help me with blurbs.


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