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The family at the edge of the village warned you not to venture into Miraden Forest on your own.

But, it’s Miraden Forest! Surely, you could just peek inside the treeline, breathe in the fecund aromas of a fantasy forest, and pray that you might see a Dasari, right? But the treeline was boring. Let’s be honest…you know that a Dasari sighting might be impossible.

But a famed silverwood, a tree of legend, that would be more likely and worth the risk of encountering a bear or maybe even a lost one.

Wading further into the forest, the canopy grows more dense, and there are fewer rays of sunlight, but soon your heart almost skips a beat when you glimpse a silver glint through the trees. Walking a little faster, your venture is rewarded with the glowing beauty of a silver tree with leaves reflecting rays of sunlight that dance across the surrounding trees from the gentle breeze.

You’re about to place your hand on the trunk to see if it feels like metal or wood when a Dasari female emerges from the silverwood trunk. Bright green leaves cover her arms, and blue star eyes bore into you before scanning the forest as if expecting traveling companions.

“Human, are you crazy?” Before you can even answer, she wags her index finger. “No. I don’t want to hear it. I deal with enough crazy humans already.”

She paces around you, looking you up and down. “I’m called Gossama, and, no, I won’t make you leave. Yes, yes, I have information for you. The one who tortures me—er, writes about me—has left messages for you.” She folded her arms. “Then, you leave. Got it?”

Satisfied, Gossama melded back into the silverwood and emerged on the branch above. She sat on the lowest silver branch and opened a scroll.

“Let’s see. Mejae taught me to read this strange language. If you don’t know who Mejae is, shame on you. Go read all about me in Exile’s Hope. Be sure to buy the print copies from that store…wait…it’s called Shopify I think? Do that so he doesn’t take out his pent up aggression on me—oh wait—he already did that.”

Gossama looks up at the canopy for a moment. “Hmmm. I wonder if he’ll do more.” She shrugged and returned to the scroll.

“This David—what a strange name—is writing more. Book 3. Wait? No title? Just ‘book 3?’ ” Gossama gives you a flat stare. “You know he already has the title, don’t you?” She rolls her eyes and reads from the scroll.

“He’s on the third draft. Says the story is about Shrewd One and Youngling, which is good. They need to suffer more.” She clamps her mouth shut as she reads more from the scroll. “Says that I’ll also suffer some more.”

Gossama shakes her head and mutters under her breath.

“Says he’s working with artist on the book cover this week and even received opinions on art from his community. Well, at least he’s not a total control freak.”

She looks up and gives you a wry grin. “If you believe that, I have a hole in the ground to sell you. If you know, you know.” (IYKYK)

“Almost done, humans. I know you’re impatient. David reports great success in selling these stories (mostly about me), but he expects the stories to do better when he has more for you humans to read.”

She leans forward on the branch and whispers, “There’s going to be 13 stories about this world. See, I know things.” Gossama sat up straight. “He wants to release 4 books this year, but I know this David. He’ll be lucky to get three done.”

“Next, he wants more humans in some city called Mariad…hmmm, wonder what that’s about. Anyway, go find the  Discord and FaceBook groups and stop harassing me in my forest. ” 

Gossama rolled up the parchment. “The rest is about how grateful he is to you for invading my forest, bothering me, reading these posts, and giving your feedback.”

She gives you a direct look. “Okay human. I’ve done my part. Now, put that silver leaf down. Yes, I saw you pick it up. Go run back to that human village that can’t seem to stay out of danger.”

Gossama paused after she stood. “But, if you come back, ask for me. I’ll make sure you don’t die.”

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