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Our goal is for you to have fun.

Turn the Story Into a Game...

What if…you read a book, and afterwards, you could play a video game that has elements of the story?

We did that 

The Tenedrae Trials host characters, villains, monsters, and the adventures of Return of the Lost Ones.

Now it’s your turn

The key to the free game is hidden – in the first book, Return of the Lost Ones.

Show Me the Steps




After you complete the game, you will have options to enter a drawing and/or acquire a free digital collectible.


We use Microsoft PlayFab as a dedicated server to host the game with pricey protection. It’s not only safe for download, but it’s also secure against cheaters and DDOS attacks.


Yes, it’s a retro-pixel 2D platformer with metroidvania features.

What if I don’t want to read the book but I want to play the game?

After a specified time (thinking a year), we will transition the game to be played even if you haven’t read the book. This might happen sooner if all of the 500 digital collectibles have been minted.

Find the Game. Enter Mariad.


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