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 Welcome to the first episode of the Mustardseed Realms podcast!  (Transcript below the article!)

As described in the first episode, this podcast invites experts and interviews them regarding the many facets involved in building Mustardseed Realms.

From the publishing standpoint, I already have two recorded interviews with fantasy authors C.C. Urie and Jenelle Schmidt, community members of Realm Makers. I’ve also sat down with the esteemed Fr. Jonathan Torres, an aspiring epic fantasy writer. I look forward to discussing topics with editors, cover artists, and other professionals within the publishing industry.

We have plans to speak with game developers, asset, artists, and publishers from the gaming sector as Mustardseed Realms also has a small indie gaming studio. 

The final component includes experts from the web3 metaverse, including communities such as Neo Tokyo, the Reformers, and Anomaly to name a few. These interviews will include insights into topics covering digital collectibles, blockchain utility, and emerging trends and technologies.  The infamous SeizeYour (Travis Sentell) and Flower83 from Neo Tokyo have already done interviews soon to be released.


The podcast workflow challenged me on many levels. It’s nice to produce the first episode, even with multiple interviews recorded. The interviews were the most fun and straightforward part. The real challenge was learning how to use all the various programs, software, and hardware to make the first episode work. 

From my previous experiments with streaming games on Twitch and hosting a small YouTube channel, I had most of the hardware, and I had acquired a solid computer earlier this year.  My mother, who had passed away in 2020 from Covid, had gifted a green screen to me for Christmas the year before she died, and I have been using that in my episodes. That’s special for me.

Relearning OBS took some time, and there was at least one interview I had to repeat because the microphone wasn’t working, but we didn’t realize that until after the initial interview. (Doh!)

Learning Adobe Premiere Pro was definitely challenging, but thankfully, there are several  online tutorials that made it easier. Just like drafting the first manuscript of a novel, editing a video or podcast is much easier if the recording has fewer errors. This will definitely be a learning process. 

I already have experience posting to YouTube, so that wasn’t as difficult, but learning how to use the various podcast hosting services and applications will be another learning curve. The Mustardseed Realms podcast is currently pending approval on Apple and Spotify with more to come. 

I hope to be consistent with two episodes a month at first and hopefully a third episode if time permits. The consistency should allow for interested sponsors, but that won’t be for a few years. 

The fundamental reason to produce the podcast is to network with experts, learn from them, and share that knowledge and those insights with the audience. I know that if I am asking these questions, other contact creators are probably asking the same thing. 

Thanks for watching, listening, and being here, and I hope you enjoy.


Here’s the transcript:

David Liberto: Hello and welcome to the first episode of Mustardseed Realms podcast. My name is David Liberto, the founder of Mustardseed Realms, an International Multimedia entertainment company. The focus of this first episode will be to kind of go over everything, and the focus of the entire podcast is to cover content creation.

 Content creation can be in various forms of media, but it’s specifically focusing on the concept of a story. In founding the company, I am finding that it is important to reach out to experts to learn about the various facets and aspects of telling stories. I wanted to share the journey as Mustardseed Realms grows.

In addition to offering insights from guests and experts to those who are listening, watching and following the podcast. The format for the podcast will focus on interviews with guests, with an emphasis on authors, but also other specialists in the publishing world, including screenwriters, editors and artists. As Mustardseed Realms is a multimedia corporation, there will also be opportunities to learn from other experts, including coding devs, graphic artists and video experts.

David Liberto: The episodes are planned to be biweekly, with a potential third episode thrown in once a month, depending upon how busy things get.

 The question that I get asked a lot is what exactly is Mustardseed Realms? How did you come up with the name? What’s going on with it?

David Liberto: Mustardseed Realms is a universe filled with these stories that focus on characters, including heroes, enemies, and your everyday Joe. The mustardseed aspect of the name comes from my Christian background, specifically from Scripture. Mark Chapter 17, verse 20. Jesus said to them, “Because of your little faith Amen, I say to you, If you have the faith the size of a mustard seed, he will say to this mountain, move from here to there and it will move and nothing will be impossible for you.”

 There is another verse which I would love to talk about at a later date. Kind of keep you enticed to continue coming back. For full disclosure, there are definitely Christian themes that not only run throughout the stories, but also the entertainment that is offered.

David Liberto: The foundation of the company will be an epic fantasy saga broken into multiple series and focusing on the various characters. The first novel is already written and will be released in the fourth quarter of this year, specifically in November. The goal then will be to rapid release the remaining novels over the course of the following year.

When I say the remaining novels, I’m not going to give a specific number because I don’t know how it’s all going to work out in regards to how busy I’m going to get because I have a lot of things planned.

David Liberto: While there are many realms and worlds within the universe of Mustardseed Realms, there is a focal point, a nexus where everything converges, and that would be the city that you see behind me, the city of Mariad. There are portals and we will be receiving travelers from all across the universe, the multiverse, the metaverse, that enter the city of Mariad and to leave. To go on adventures.

This particular city has many different elements that are fused together, specifically science fiction and fantasy with futuristic elements and even a little cyberpunk thrown in among many other subgenres that you can find in speculative fiction stories.

David Liberto: Mustardseed Realms is focused on the creation of this universe. It is about building this universe, building a brand, and it is to offer a platform for authors and other creators to collaborate. It is to offer a multimedia platform that will allow the stories to reach various forms of media.

David Liberto: Again, I thank you so much for joining me today. I look forward to the journey ahead, and I can’t wait to introduce you to some of the guests that we’ll have on the podcast.

God bless, and I look forward to seeing you in two weeks.


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