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 So what about the puzzles at the end of the books? What’s the deal?

We wanted to give readers a little extra fun at the end of each story. The riddle will take you to a portal on the Mustardseed Realms website, where you can enter the password and go through the portal.

On the other side, you will find a form to fill out that enters you into a drawing for a signed hardcover of that particular story. We will run contests for signed copies, which will be mailed by author David Liberto, me. 

But David, I’m having trouble solving the puzzle, and I want some help.

Not a problem. Find me on social media and ask. Depending upon the question, I may or may not help you.

If you’ve read Exile’s Hope, you will have come across a chapter that is devoted to solving puzzles. This chapter was particularly fun to write and serves as a common theme throughout the Mustardseed Realms brand. 

Why you may ask?

Because it’s fun… And it also shows us who really wants to dive into the MSR universe and have fun.

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