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Commlink: a Mustardseed Realms device that can communicate across time and space.

Exile’s Hope Releases Tomorrow!

And now the exciting news for all you Travelers! The 24 hour countdown has begun for the release of a book that promises to whisk you away to a world of intrigue, magic (mandra), and the wild unknown. Drumroll, please… Tomorrow marks the official release of Exile’s Hope, a tale that’s bound to enthrall and

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Welcome to 2024

What’s in store for 2024? With the project launch ending this winter, Mustardseed Realms looks to have a packed new year. I’ve spent the last three weeks reorienting myself back to a balanced lifestyle.   2024 will still provide numerous products, but we will have a better focus using last year’s experience. The core of

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Return of the Lost Ones Ebook Release

Huge day for Mustardseed Realms!  Today we launch the ebook on Amazon for free.  The goal is to get the book into as many reader’s hands as possible. I hope that people enjoy the story of Stefan and Pol. I hope they enjoy meeting the other fun characters as well.  This is the whole point:

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MSR is Ready to Launch!

MSR Launches on Nov 1st In one week on November 1st, we will release Return of the Lost Ones! The print version will release on November 1st and the ebook release will occur on November 15th.  More details to come in the next week leading up to launch. Let’s start simple with a series of

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MSR Podcast Episode 5: Digital Collectible Utility

https://youtu.be/1zySNO4ZnF8  Welcome to Episode #5 of Mustardseed Realms Podcast!  Warning: This episode goes deep into web3 technology. Please watch Episode 4 to get a basic understanding of blockchain. The first 5 minutes of episode 5 will explain what MSR will do with this technology. This is an episode specifically designed for those who are new

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MSR Podcast Episode 4: Intro to Web3

 Welcome to the fourth episode of the Mustardseed Realms podcast!   What is web3, cryptocurrencies, digital collectibles, and blockchain?  What does this have to do with MSR? Mustardseed Realms is embracing new technology to help share and tell the stories we create. In this video, we break down the basics of cryptocurrency and dive into the

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