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Commlink: a Mustardseed Realms device that can communicate across time and space.

MSR May Publishing Update

This information was released two weeks ago in the newsletter. Subscribe to get the latest information! Book 2 of the BlueSteel Series The developmental editor is destroying the recent manuscript, tearing it down so it can be rebuilt better. I hope to have it back soon. Joe took all the recommendations I presented from those

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March Updates!

Time for some updates!  I just finished a brutal stretch in my IRL work. I am my own angel investor, lol. I have a week off, and I spent the last two days knocking out a ton of stuff at home and ensuring I keep my priorities → God, Frances, family, job, volunteer/Church work, and

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Gossama has a scroll

The family at the edge of the village warned you not to venture into Miraden Forest on your own. But, it’s Miraden Forest! Surely, you could just peek inside the treeline, breathe in the fecund aromas of a fantasy forest, and pray that you might see a Dasari, right? But the treeline was boring. Let’s

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Did someone Say Riddles?

 So what about the puzzles at the end of the books? What’s the deal? We wanted to give readers a little extra fun at the end of each story. The riddle will take you to a portal on the Mustardseed Realms website, where you can enter the password and go through the portal. On the

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Exile’s Hope Releases Tomorrow!

And now the exciting news for all you Travelers! The 24 hour countdown has begun for the release of a book that promises to whisk you away to a world of intrigue, magic (mandra), and the wild unknown. Drumroll, please… Tomorrow marks the official release of Exile’s Hope, a tale that’s bound to enthrall and

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Welcome to 2024

What’s in store for 2024? With the project launch ending this winter, Mustardseed Realms looks to have a packed new year. I’ve spent the last three weeks reorienting myself back to a balanced lifestyle.   2024 will still provide numerous products, but we will have a better focus using last year’s experience. The core of

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