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Embark on an epic tale with Exile’s Hope. Banished from Miraden Forest for a crime her father committed, Gossama longs to return to the land of her people. 

Ancient lost ones, feared enemies, and even a dragon stand in her way as Gossama risks her life and soul to reclaim her home and her identity. 

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Two young men, two legendary families—one infamous, one noble.  As Pol, born to a line of blessed heroes, strives to reclaim his family’s honor, Stefan faces a crossroads that could lead to ruin or redemption. 

Together, they must unite to save a village from the grip of darkness and creatures of myth. Will they rise to the challenge or be consumed by the legacies that haunt them? 

Discover their stories in the thrilling first book where honor, bravery, and legends collide. Begin your journey with Pol and Stefan—where every decision shapes destiny.

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The first Teresan Saga Short Story

After the events of Return of the Lost Ones, Quig returns home to fulfill his role as guardian of his village and his family. Don’t miss this epic story in the FeyRealm!

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