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Mustardseed Realms wants to give you a story, something you can dive into knowing you'll have fun and be safe.

in the hidden tower

A chorus of evil laughter echoes through the ancient tower halls...

David raises his hand, and his family quiets. One by one, portals open behind each member, and they gleefully jump through, eager to cause trouble.
As the maniacal laughter spreads throughout Mariad, the Mustardseed Realm team members shake their head, wondering what insanity will occur next...

What started off as an indie book publishing dream grew into a multifaceted entertainment company. Indie gaming and web3 projects are no different in their approach to publishing. The novel approach will lift the entire project above the masses.

The founder, David Liberto, has put years into the project to fulfill a dream of telling a story that his mother, father, wife, kids, friends, and God would enjoy and appreciate.

Talk is Cheap

As you can see by the publishing and entertainment progress, the goal is to provide quality stories and products at the time the company launches. Be sure to check out our newsletter to stay updated with our current plans.

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Over the next few months, we will hide information and “treasures” throughout Mustardseed Realms content. If you want to play the game, you’ll have to pay attention.

This is my PFP (profile picture) made by the artist, Souce. He made most of the art on the website, the art for the 500 piece Vroshen Hero Collection, and elements of our first video game. He is incredibly skilled. Please check out his twitter and call on him for any art needs you may have. 


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