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Mustardseed Realms

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The City of Mariad Awaits

Throughout the universe, travelers hear a whisper.
Children turn their heads and stop as they strain their ears to listen.
You don’t understand what you hear, what you know, but when you find the keys, the portals, you know exactly what to do .
Mariad calls you. 

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Exile's Hope Release!

The prequel to the epic fantasy BlueSteel Series has arrived. Read Gossama's origin story!

BlueSteel Series

The first installment of the epic fantasy saga awaits. Discover new heroes.


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Gaming Studio

Creating a Game From the Story

As a small indie gaming studio, we seek to integrate epic stories into gaming. These immersive opportunities will serve as a gateway into Mariad, the capitol city of Mustardseed Realms.

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Digital Collectible Technology 

Books are one way to tell a story. Digital collectibles are another.

Using web3 technology, these products will unite the stories and serve as building blocks for the future plans of Mustardseed Realms.

Introducing the first MSR Collection:

Vroshen Hero Collection